“Ansh Diagnostics and Healthcare” was started in 2013 by collective efforts of Dr. Shashank Jain and Dr. Shalini Sharma with an objective of providing “Complete Diagnostic Facilities under one roof” to people in Region of East Delhi-NCR.


  • To become leading Diagnostic Center in our region providing Maximum Diagnostics Tests including Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology etc. under One Umbrella
  • To be Affordable to every class without any compromise on Quality and in Services
  • To provide Quality Services with Compassion, Care and minimize Discomfort to the people availing our services



  1. The Center has endeavored to provide the widest test menu possible encompassing every part of the Diagnostic field. Various facilities available in-house at the center are:
  1. Pathology includes Routine as well as Hormonal Blood tests, Urine tests, Stool Tests, Semen Tests
  2. Radiology including Digital X-Rays, Special Investigations, All Types of Ultrasound
  3. Dental including Orthopantomogram [OPG- X-Ray of Complete Jaw], Lateral Cephalogram
  4. Cardiology including ECG, Treadmill Test [TMT], Echocardiography
  5. Other Facilities like Uroflowmetry, Pulmonary Function Test [PFT]
  1. For a few other tests, the center has tie-up with renowned NABL-accredited labs in order to provide Quality reports to its clients under one roof
  2. Keeping in view the affordability for the people, the rate of the majority of tests has been kept lower as compared to standard Labs  
  3. The center has taken various steps to ensure Quality at every step by following:

Instruments and Lab Practices

  1. Having best instruments is considered Gold Standard in every field be it Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, and Others
  2. Each Instrument is under Regular Proper Annual Maintenance Contract with regular renewal at appropriate times for ensuring minimal downtime and timely testing
  3. Regular “Internal Quality Controls” for various Lab tests
  4. Regular participation in “External Quality Assurance Program” for reassurance on Accuracy of Lab Tests


  1. Highly Qualified Consultants take care of each Diagnostic aspect with close interaction in order to give complete Services to the Client
  2. Kept Trained Staff at each level for delivering Quality services at each step
  3. Regular Re-training as well as the orientation of Staff about Newer techniques/modalities in concerned Fields
  4. Regular interaction and orientation of Staff as well as Faculty towards Behavior and Care of the Patient